Web2 Design

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WEB 2 Design


  1. Define WEB2 in 30 words or fewer (your own, of course). What examples of this concept have you noticed in web sites you have visited? (3)
  2. Choose a product or service to offer online. (2)
  3. For the opening of your web site, design 5 or more promotional or advertising items. (10)
  4. Using MSWord, create a web home page to market/provide your chosen product/service. (5)

Christmas in 1867

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What I think a meal looks like in 1867
Christmas tree in 1867 representaton

Meals in 1867- 1st image- I think that they'd eat meat, potatoes, vegetables and maybe a broth made from boiling the bones from the meat. 

Christmas tree in 1867- 2nd image- the tree would be decorated with handmade ornaments and possibly popcorn


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