Describing life in the Americas in 1491

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Life in the Americas in 1941.It was good for thrm because they had alot of land for farming.They had 10x the size of eroupe 

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life in the Americas in 1491

                                                                       life in the Americas in 1491

  In 1941 people lived alot if different ways then what we do today, they would live of the lands,eat what they could find on there land and wear what ever they could make for there stuff they could made for the natives anyway.Now a days you can just go buy a house or rent and go to the bank to get loans but back in those days they would have to make houses of wood that they found on the earth , grass huts with mud and wood if they could find this stuff it was that way for both europe and natives americas. if we want to buy clothes now a days you can go to store and get different clothes like for example you can buy jeans shirts socks shoes boots anything buit back in 1491  they made clothes from hemp,cotton plants,  leather from skins of anmails and they would it by hand. They would use bones to make tools to make clothes. if we  want food we can go to stores, take out places and there are so many different kinds of food back then they would have to find food on land which as you can inmage there not that much you van get from just off land they could grow things too.They ate alot of meats they had sheep,domestic pig ,wild meats which to me doesnt sound to good but thats what they had to deal with. Corn farmers developed from wild grass. Farmers grow and developes potatoes grown on there land and they alos had wheats. I am glad now a days that life is the way it is i wouldnt want anything to change because life is fine the way it is !