Intermediate GIMP exercises

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More photo manipulation fun! Be creative and enjoy:

1 Drawing Shapes With Paths  Make a dimensional box with paths (bezier curves) and gradients.
2 Film Grain  Give your photos the appearence of film grain and learn about a new mode.
3 Coloring A BW Sketch  Color sketches anime style.
4 3D Floating Logo  Another GIMP Floating Logo method, this one uses modes along with layers and select tools.
5 Golden Text  Make beautiful golden text and learn about the curves dialog and other color options.
6 Sketch Effect  Change your photo into a normal sketch.
7 Photo To Sketch  Change your photo into a nice painting or sketch.
8 Color2BW  Converting Color Images to B&W.
9 Selective Colorization  Convert images to black and white and restore color selectively.
10 Reducing CCD Noise  Learn how to reduce the CCD Noise in photos.
11 CCD Noise removal  Use selective Gaussian blur to remove CCD Noise in photos.
12 Contrast Mask  Decrease problem contrast in photos.
13 Sepia Toning  Create a nice sepia photo from color images.
14 Gaussian Blur Overlays  Increase saturation and add a "dreamy" feel to your photos.
15 GIMP Surgery  "patch" blown out hightlights in your photos.
16 Blending Exposures  Increase dynamic range by combining different exposures of the same scene.
17 Smart Sharpening  Sharpen images without making noise more noticable.


For submissions, you should at least try all of these exercises, and you MUST submit finished products for a MINIMUM of 10 completed tutorials.

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