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Beginner GIMPLite Quickies Reviewed in class; no file required. Simple Floating Logo   The famous "GIMP Floating Logos" rescued from the original GIMP web site and slightly modified to fit here.  Even if you hate images of text on the web, this tutorial gives you some of the basic layer manipulation techniques.  The knowledge can be applied to many imaging projects and the logo *is* pretty cool ... Draw On Selections Borders   Use the selection tools to draw simple or complex shapes. Paths (Bezier Selections)   Use paths (bezier curves) like the GIMP Masters do. Quickmask  Use Quickmask to make a vignette of your photos. Red Eye Removal  Use the Channel Dialog in one method of removing red eye from photos. Straight Line Tutorial   'Tis somewhat rude. Perhaps the exact right frame of mind which to approach GIMP with though, at least the first few times .... Layer masks Layer masks are a fundamental tool in image manipulations.


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