Black and White Memorial Picture.

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   This picture was created with a beautiful message. I think that who ever painted the picture was doing it for a memorial tribute to someone they may have known or for someones family. Also they put so much deatail into the art work such as doves and angel wings they also have a picture of a mans face in the center of it and in the picture it shows the art work reflecting off the water. I think that the reason why they put angel wings next to the art work is because the message that they are trying to past on is to fly high my beautiful angel. Also when you see doves next to a picture of someone it means either someone has pasted away or someone is getting married. The history behind this picture is that they really love to use black and white colours, and back in the olden days they use to always use black and white to express themself even though they only had black and white to work with. Also this picture affects me because when you lose someone it hurts alot but then you need to move on and you realize that the person is always with you no matter what the issue is. The cultrue behind this is the picture the one who painted or drew this picture is very artistic and loves to show her cultrue through pictures. And also the one who did the art piece might of even lost someone close to them and needed to show there feelings through art work. 

So these are things that i like about the picture. 

  • It has a clean message
  • it shows art 
  • its beatiful
  • it shows angel wings 
  • Also there are like doves flying around the art
  • The picturce reflects off the water.

  Caption: There are special people in our lives who never leave us even after they are gone.

By: Thomas Gabriel 

June 4th, 2018 


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