Chapter-7 Question (4)

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Question 4: In many pre-contact aboriginal cultures, teenagers were considered to be adults and were expected to contirbute to the group's livelihood. How does this viewpoint compare with the expectatoins generally placed on canadain teenagers today?.

Anwser:   mi'kamq teenagers supported thier familys by learning them how to hunt; gather; take care of the house hold and take care of the kids and they did all those thing too. the mi'kamq where more livly they would go outside and help there family all day long till ti was time to go in there wigwams.

Teenagers today just want to go on there phones and xboxs there wouldn't be any time to go outside becausse they were always on their electronices and teenagers to me don't really contirbute all that much anymore they rather be inside all day insead of going outside and enjoying the beautful sun light this is my viewpoint of teenagers today compared to teenagers then and this is coming form a teenager i go outside whenever i get the chance to because i love being outside and i love to walk .  



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