Chapter 10

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Creative Thinking; creative thinking comes without training and practice. Its more of the saying "thinking outside the box" in which you look in different perspectives to solve a problem or challenge. not everyone can creative think so Edward De Bono created the terms vertical thing and lateral thinking to tell between logical and ctreative thinking.

Lateral Thinking: people with creative thinking can devolope a technique called dominat idea. An dominant idea is the action and thoughts of a person. theres also a theory called Chaos theory, it occurs when a little difference at the begining can make a big change in it as time goes on.


Analogies: A comparison of two things in a sittuation. you can find analogies in the structures of plants and human skeleton. analogies give you the visuals with your design work.


Brainstorming: brainstorming is thinking about mulitply ideas or a couple people exchanging ideas. everyone brainstorms every day but some people will have little success due too, afriad of looking foolishs or they dont take it seriously. there are some rules to brainstorming,

  • work in a group of at least three or four people.
  • One person must take note, recording of emerging ideas is critical for allowing revisiting of earlier inspirtion.
  • Set the problem, and make sure that each person understands it.
  • Set short time limits on each problem.
  • Be spontaneous, be outrageous, be imaginative.
  • listen to other peoples ieads, and build on them.
  • Do not criticize, evaluate, or even elsborlate, this is very important.
  • go for quantity to ensure quality.
  • evaluate only after your ideation session has ended.


Sketching and doodling;

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