Design Project 2.

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Creative Thinking: this is the bulk of design, if you dont have creative thinking, you wont be able to design because its like building a house out of lego only to just make a straight line. this is basically our brains finding the answers that you yourself find the problem to.

Lateral Thinking: The arm of design in basic terms. it's the process of finding a creative solution in a dominant idea of a situation. often known as identifying and understanding the dominant idea is the main basis for how this can be implemented into the creative thinking part of everything.

Analogies: "The similarity between two things" as stated in the book; meaning to find two objects of a value in different aspects and trying to find a way to merge them to make a new invention. thus for making an object with aspects of one thing and aspects of another like the ink press; taking aspects of a coin punch and a wine press. 

Brainstorming: The process of gathering in a group or staying solo, whilst trying to conjure thoughts that could lead to a good idea which can lead to the possibility of an invention.

Sketching and Doodling: This is where your creativity comes in to play. as the name implies, this is where you think up, sketch, and doodle, and it ends up into something amazing or something plain stupid. <<It's really useful for making blueprints.>>

Synectics: When you pretend to be something you are not aswell as someone you are not so you are able to find a new perspective on a situation/problem. this is basically changing everything you know and love to see through another's eyes.

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