chapter 7

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1.       The medieval times because it was when a lot of people went to watch it for entertainment. So you would have large audiences to watch you perform. So you could end up being well known with your face on posters and stuff because that would be cool.

And if you did a bad job people would let you know about it, by throwing tomatoes and stuff so you really had to try to be good. So really, you would try harder to be good, so you would be a lot better.

You could also end up performing in front of the king someday if they decide to go watch a play that day. That would be cool. Especially because if you do a good job the king might congratulate you and he would know you so that would be awesome.

You would also get paid quite a bit because if you were good you would get the main role in all the plays and get paid more. That would  be good because back in those days, very few people had a lot of currency and they didn’t have the best residency and stuff.

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