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If I could be in actor in any point in drama history, I would like to be an actor in the year 1576, when indoor theater was first invented. I would choose this time because I think it would be fun to be a part in a brand new era of acting, and maybe I could give some ideas on the new subject. I would also like to be one of the first to entertain in a new way. Specifically, the idea of acting on a set interests me because it’s not something that we get to do very often here. Getting to do it for the first time in history would definitely be interesting. Plus, in those days people came to the theater more often, because TV hadn’t been invented yet. Getting to perform in front of a live audience would be feel more personal. It would also pay well, as a lot of people spent a lot of money to see plays. True, actors are still paid well today, but it would be more fun to do plays without special effects, with just my own acting skills. And of course, the acting skills of the actors I would be working with. It would also be interesting to see how people preformed in that era. Acting itself would be different in that era, so I would like to see what acting was like in those days. It would probably be more difficult, as if you scew up in front of a live audiance, you can't do it over like you could if you were recording it. But, if you praticed enough, that shouldn't really be a problem. I think that plays would be more interesting to preform as well, without electricty, we would have to get more creative. Not to menshon that people were always inventing new plays back then, when nowadays, people aren't as creative. People were also more open minded back then, wich would lead to more interesting plays. In general, drama and acting was probably more interesting in those days, even without all the technologie we have today. That's why I would like to preform in those days, rather then today.  

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