Canada's Place in the Future of the World

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    In my opinion, Canada has a firm place in the future of the world. Since our country has existed, we have sustained ourselves using a sort of neutrality where we temporarily follow in the path of whoever is most beneficial to us, until they stop being beneficial to us. At first, we aligned our goals and economy with Europe, but then the United States popped up as a global power next to us and our interests started to align with theirs. Now that it seems like American interests are moving away from ours, we're switching over our interests to Europe and Asia, as evidenced by recent trade agreements and discussions relating to the economy and foreign policy. America is also beginning to show an ideological disconnect with our policies of acceptance and peace.

    I expect that Canada is entering a period where we end the era of hard American influence on our policies, and we'll start to move towards policies of the European Union and Asia, while still being mindful and inclusive of the reality of American power. 

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