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Script Writing Assignment

Either individually or in assigned working groups, students will adapt a classic Fairy Tale for use as a 20-minute audio play. Written scripts must be accompanied by the following components:


1.      Cast list with descriptions of all major characters

2.      Stage directions and acting notations in the script, with clearly indicated suggestions for sound effects, and any other special effects desired


Because of the complexity of this project, students are encouraged to work in groups of at least three or four in order to complete all tasks on time. A period of two weeks (12 hours class time) will be allowed for the reading of stories and basic improvisations, and script preparation. The play(s) will be recorded at the end of this preparation time.

The full text of stories available to choose from is at

Read all three stories and be able to tell the story in 90 seconds.

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9 months 6 days ago

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