Clothing outline

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1. A visual representation of what canadians wore to play in, to work in, and to go out in dress clothes. And how making canadian clothing and selling them made canada lots of money. How there were clothing companies that helped develop the nation.

2. Social issue facing canadians today. A lot of canadians buy american clothing and buy clothing that are from companies that arent from canada. Therefore this doesnt make canada a lot of money. There arent many clothing brands that are canadians, therefore we compeat against the U.S.A.. 

3. Statistics on how many people wore certain clothing. And how those statistics changed from the 1600's to 2017.

4. I am going to do a timeline on how the work dress code was from the 1600's until now in canada. And how they had strict dress codes and now the dress codes have been bent a little.

5. Hero/icon for clothing in canada. ROOTS CANADA is a very popular clothing brand that was started in canada. The two founders of this company are: Michael Budman and Don Green. These are two canadian heros. They made a canadian brand become rich. 

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