history of mens beauty (portfolio project)

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 What we do with our selves can represent sexuality, culture or race. Recently men wearing makeup has become stanardnized in our lifes and its normal now to everyone who sees it, we no longer sit here and think of it as weird and only being a girl thing to wear it. We see people like jeffree star and model James Charles who is a model for cover girl (cover boy) wearing makeup everyday and we seem to think it is something new and amazing but this isnt always the case. Sometimes things that were popular back in time is coming back and we think it is new to us, something never seen.

going back to 4000BC makeup was just as popular as it is today in our life but it wasnt only a female thing. Men would wear it in a great number of ways and for many reasons. It only started in the mid 1800s that it started to become an only female thing. Makeup started to be considered as an abomination by both the church as well as the crown. It became associated with the devils work and wasnt allowed or suppose to be around. The more relgions changed the more it became a narrowing of masulinity, and eventually by the 20th century it was only a girl product.

In the rule of Queen Elizibeth I, makeup was popular between men. They would typically have a Ghost white powdered skin. This is the time in makeup when it would be generally thick and was full of lead. causing health problems and sometimes death. The powder was made out of White lead and vinegar. Others would sometimes prefer to put on sulphur, alum or tin ash. White eggs were also used for two different reasons, to get a paler complexion and to avoid wrinkles.Black kohl would be used around theyre eyes to give them a darker appearence. Belladonna would be used to enlarge the pupils to look more alive and awake. also during this time the eyebrows would be thin and arched to give the appearance of a larger forhead or they would white out the eyebrows entirely.Bright red lips and cheeks became wildly popular during this time as well created by mercury sulphide. 

To get rid of ance wrinkles scars and anything that would build up and ruin theyre complexion they would use a multiple of methods. Rosewater, lemon,or a mix of eggshells alum murcery and honey. Also a popular way for the rich was to bathe in donkeys milk while washing the face with murcery. 

Hair was also becoming a trend in this time as well. It was very popular to dye or bleach there hair and they would use different substances some of which was urine or cumin seeds. This was also the time people would dye there hair so it would be a shade of red. 


In 18th century France King Louis also had his take in makeup as well as hair products, because of this he went bald at the age of 23 which is the cause of France and theyre high wig obsession. During this time is when beauty marks were becoming popular and people would paint them on. Men of the royal court would paint them on because they thought it paired nice with theyre high heels and fur muffs. The face just like the Elizabethan time would be a powder white, and theyre cheeks would need to be streaked with red. Veins would be traced with a blue pencil to give the face a plaer look. Eyes would be surrounded by a red sometimes or elft bare. They would either leave theyre yebrows or use a fake eyebrow made from mouse fur.

The wigs would be powdered to give them that white hair they all wanted to have which was made out of corn. The hair was always curled, waved or frizzed for the bigger affect they had during this time. To raise it to the height that was acceptable they would raise it over wool or wire. 

Going into the 1930s there was a long period of time before male beauty was spoken of again. Until the creation of modern movies makeup was put onto a hold. Hair and makeup started to get popular again in this time when productions would have hair done on both genders for a film.

The hair would be slicked back with a gel or grease to give it a wet look, They would have a thin styled moustache that would be combed and kept down with a hair spray to assure it would be right.Nothing major would be done in this period of time with men. 

1970-1980s the makeup that men would wear was hardly mainstream anymore. Even though it was more known now it wasnt worn it was all reserved for stars in the rock and roll industry like Prince and David Bowie. Golds and edgy colors would be used. Any thing flashy was the go to, if it was noticable and it looked like a lot, you were doing it right. 

There was many hairstyles going around during this time. The shag was one it was a hairstyle that has short layers on the top and get longer as u go down the head. Dreadlocks and the afro become popular during this time as well. Eventually the mullet soon joined in as well. 

Now we get into the early 2000s. pop culture began to diversity this is when we were introduced to the phase and idea of "guyliner". it became widly popular between the punk rock in this era like adam lambert and green day. This is the time that beauty adds and brands would start to generalize mens makeup and make products for them. 

 Getting into the present day men are able to show theyre ideas and theyre creative skills with makeup and hair more often like they did in the 18th century. in current days you can see men in adds for makeup brands and people are showing theyre support. typically the makeup today that they would wear is different form how it was back in rule of Elizibeth because now its tone matched and the look is more on the natural side with the colors, but if we have started to accept this in time how long will it be for more of our history and trends to start resurfacing like this one. 

Out of all i completley respect James Charles for doing what he does. i admire how talented he is with how he does his makeup and how brave he is to stand up in front of our society and just show himself and who he is for adds all over. James has normalized the face of men on covers for beauty adds and this is an amaznig contribution to canada. He is bringing back the equality that started in our world before. He is changing the values we have of our selves by mking us al understand that eeryone is beautiful for the self expression they want to show. He shows all canadians that they shouldnt need to be afraid of showing any side of style or desires they have it they want to do it they can do it. He brings out a side in me i didnt belive i had. he makes me feel like its ok to go out there and be brave and show people who am i am. He makes me feel braver when it comes to going out side and showing people something about me that i would be to scared to do on my own. 

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