World War I video notes

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  • Immigrants are forced to fight.
  • 60,000 canadians died in battle out of a population of 8 million. 
  • English is the language of the amry. 
  • Japanese have to fight to enlish.
  • First nations and the blacks also strugle as well to join.
  • women take over the mens jobs as they are all at war.
  • Bomb shells and ammo are made by women.
  • 1916, women win the right to vote. 
  • 1918 outlaws the producion of alcohol.
  • main issuses, 1916 millitary comitment to half a million people.
  • Canada fights along side the britin empire.
  • Mosy of canadas army are young men with no experience 
  • poor supply for canadian soldier, boots, uniform, guns.
  • Davies meant compony made %80 of its profit.
  • 05:30 the attack begins.
  • They take and hold vimey ridge.
  • Thaking vimey ridge was the start of something new for canadas army.

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