Indigenous Veterans

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Indigenous veterans 

During the First World War, the first nations decided to help out the Canadian military by joining. More than 4,000 indigenous people served in world war one. Many indigenous men brought valuable skills with them when they joined.  Some of these men became successful snipers, like henry Louis Norwest. He was one of the most famous snipers of the entire Canadian corps. He held a divisional sniping record of 115 fatal shots. Indigenous people continued to sever throughout World War 2 and the Korea war. 

The battle of passchendaele

When Britain went to war in Europe in August 1914, Canada as a member of the British Empire automatically found itself at war as well. On one side were the forces of France, Britain and also Canada. On the other side were the Germans. In the fall of 1917, the Canadian corps was sent north to Belgium. In Belgium was the scene of several First World War battles, including the first use of poison gas when the Germans unleased deadly chemical attacks there in April. 19, 1915. On November 6, Canada and Britain launched the assault to capture the ruined village of Passchendaele. After heavy fighting they finally managed to capture the infamous village on November. 27th. 

The Dieppe raid

By the summr of 1942, the second world war had been raging for alomst three years and things looked grim. The british isles were the only allied holdout after the germans had invaded and occupied much of western europe in 1940. Many factors contributed to the decision to mount a large raid into occupied europe in 1942. They felt that a arge raid on the oast of france, however could force the germans to divert more og their military resoources away from the soviet union. Diepe was a ain target for its location. The rading force was made up of almost 5,000 canadians, approximatley 1,000 british commandos and 50 american army ragers.



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