The Canadian's Part in WW1

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                                       Canada's Part in WW1

    World war 1 started to take place around 1914-1918. Over 4000 Indigenous people served in uniform during the conflict. Canadian infantrymen were at the Western Front in January 1915 and on March 1st Canadian Division took place at the Battle of Neuve Chapelle. The Canadians fought in the second Battle of Ypres, also the Germans first use of gas. 

    The second Division had arrived in France, The Canadian Corps were formed, later on expanded by the 3rd Division. The Corps fought in defence at Ypres from April to August 1916 then moved to the Battle of Somme. On April 9th 1917 Vimy's Ridge was captured, which had withstood all attacks for 2 years. That victory cost the Canadian Corps 10,000 casualties, Vimy Ridge was chosen to be the site of Canada's National Memorial.





1. Propaganda - the system effort to spread opinions or beliefs 

2. blitzkrieg - an intense military offensive designed to quickly crush an enemy

3. revenue tariffs - 

4. Hinterland - a reigon that provides the resources needed by the heartland.

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