levels of creation Jordan, Koby and Emily

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first level of creation: 

second level of creation:  The sun is called Nisgam, is grandfather sun gives us our shadows. shadows in mi'kmaq refers to spirits of our ancestors. And our elders say that you are linked with your shadow, with the spirit of your ancester through out your connection to the earth, through your feet, and your blood, witch is their blood running thruogh your body, ehich transforms itself to you so the eyes and face and smiles of our ancenstors, their movments and mannerisms and idenitity, are in fact reflected in our bodies: we reflect our shadow, our ancestors in the earth, as we reach up to the sun in this way, we embody all our ancestors, carry their behaviours, share their harts and lungs, as we breathe in the same air they once did. And so when we make pfferings to the land ceremony, we recognize our connection from the sun to mother earth, who bares our ancestors. And grandfather sun teaches us all this by givintg us our shadows. And so we ourselves are in the center of the world, where grandfather sun passes down to meet mother earth. And that center is one of the seven sacred direction, because our shadow is the connection between the spirt world and the physical world. and we are the embodiment of that centre, witch is also represnted by grandfather sun. 

Third level of creation, down belown us, is our mother, on ehom we walk, 

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