Questions of Consideration

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#1.  In what ways is the Aboriginal world view reflected in their Governments?

It is reflected because if the Aborigial peoples do something like circles,he Aboriginal lauguges (in most Aboriginal lauguages, there are no animate-inanimate comparisons between things; animals have souls that are equal to humans, rocks have souls, trees have souls.) drums and beliving in Glooecap the government will do the same thing which will make everyone in the community/enviroment do it.

#2. How did various Aboriginal Government structures reflect their societies?

mi'kmaq nation; they followed two basic principles, respect for the rights of people, respect for- and preservation of- the enviroment.

-men and women had equal rights

#3. What impact did treaties have on aboriginal government structures?

Government structures; Grand council- Seven District Cheifs, Seven Districts, each district led by a district cheif


#4. What is the basis for the concept of Aborigial self-governent?

Aboriginal self-government refers to proposals to give to government representing the Indigenous peoples of Canada greater powers of government.

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