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  • FOOD- seafood,berries,potatoes,squash,and various bird and mammals, salmon, sturgeon, porprises,whales
  • CLOTHES- deer and moose skins were used for leggings, sleves and moccasins. In winter the Mi'kmaq wore fur robes
  • HOUSES-the mi'kmaq lived in houses called wigwams, there were two types of wigwams,the smaller size could fit 10-15 people and the  larger size could fit 15-20 people.


  • FOOD- crab,cod,salmon,herring,seal,sealion
  • CLOTHES- women wore skirts made out of softened cedar bark and went topless, men in the summer wore nothing, normally the best time to hunt. during the colder seasons men wore cedar bark, and a basket hat outside in the rain, but wore nothing inside the house.
  • HOUSES- the tradtional houses of the Nisga'a are shaped as large rectangles,made with cedar planks with cedar shake roofs, and oriented with the door facing the water

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