Mi'kmaq and nisga

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·         The Mi’Kmaq ate fish of all kinds, such as salmon, sturgeon, lobster, squid, shellfish and eels.

·         They hunted many different animals. Some animals include marine life such ass porpoises, walrus, and seals. They also hunted deer, moose, bear and elk.

·         The Nisga’a traditionally harvest "beach food" all year round. This might include razor clams, mussels, oysters, limpets, scallops, abalone, fish, seaweed and other seafood’s.

·         They hunt mountain goat, marmot, game birds and more in the forests. The family works together to cook and process the meat and fish, roasting or boiling the former.







·         Mi’Kmaq clothing was made from the skin of animals they hunted. Deer and moose skin were used for pants and such.

·         For the winter they would make thick rob like coats with fur and animal skin to keep them warm.

·         The NIsga also used animal fur and skin to make clothes. They had weatherproof cedar bark to wear in the heavy rain and winter. 


·          The Mi'kmaq use      weapons and tools to hunt for thier food. Bows, Spears and traps were used for hunting in the woods. For fishing, they would use spears, neats and fishing lines to catch fish. 

  • The Nisga used very similar ways of hunting. From hunting with bows and arrows, to to fishing for food in lakes and rivers. 


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