List of Indigenous and Aboriginal Technologies before the Clash of Eastern and Western Civilizations

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Aboriginal Contributions and Innovations

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 13:35

Aboriginal Contributions and Inventions: 

When in 1534 French colonialists came to Canada they found well-developed organization of native tribes. Tribes had an advanced knowledge of the natural environment, which allowed them to establish many trade routes and settlements in inaccessible for Europeans territories. The clash of civilizations followed upon. The first colonialists were at the mercy of aboriginal civilization. They must have negotiated, traded and cooperated with native people to sustain in new conditions. They also must have adjusted to new technologies. Below, you can find accomplished list of aboriginal contributions and innovations.   

CANOES – Canoes were made of bark and pitch. The canoes were an important means of transport for exploration and trade. It allowed travelling over shallow or difficult waterways. 

SNOWSHOES - Aboriginal people developed technology for travel over snow. This mervelous technology provided access to wild territories of Northern America.   

SNOW GOGGLES – Northern Aboriginal people developed bone or driftwood goggles to prevent blinding snow blaze while they hunted.

DOGSLEDS - The aborignal innovations such as the dogsled have endured the test of time and are still effective technologies today in the environments for which they were created. 

KAYAK – Kayaking started thousands of years ago in the Arctic regions of what we now call Greenland, Siberia, and North America. Inuit, the original people of the Canadian Far North, used the kayak to travel, to fish, and to hunt large sea mammals, seals, and even caribou.


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