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There are some technologies that many groups use, and there are others that are just used from a special group. For example: The cure for scurvy that saved one of Jacques Cartier's men from dying was created by the Aboriginals. The cure was made from cedar bark and needles which had a lot of vitamin C in it. Even though the Europeans had the plants to make the cure of scurvy they didn't know how to make it. So this technology was only common to the Aboriginals because they found out how to make this medicine, when others didn't know how to. Some cultures had medicine, but they didn't have the same medicine as the other cultures. Some medicine was shared and taught to other cultures but there was some that only one culture had the medicine at that time. But other technologies like making spears where probably invented independantly. It is such a basic idea, it's like walking, most people end up walking and they learn how to on their own. Just like making spears, lots of people learned how to make spears withought seeing anyone else's. But the way that they are manufactured are different. Some cultures have a better technique then others. The way they were made is a technologie that was probably discussed beetween cultures at the campfire. One thing that was shared through a cultural exchange would be the algriculture of the Aboriginals. The Aboriginals shared and exchanged information with the Europeans. The aboriginals gave the Europeans new crops through trade and they showed them how to harvest their crops and how to take care of their vegetables etc. So this would be an example of a technologie that was shared. 

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