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Had improvements in efficiency and reductions in the cost of automobiles followed patterns similar to the computer industry, each of us would be able to buy a Rolls-Royce today for roughly $2.75; it would get nearly 3,000,000 miles to the gallon and deliver enough power to tow an aircraft carrier.

Lepper, M. R. (1985). Microcomputers in Education: motivational and social issues. American Psychologist, 40(1), 1-18.

This was written over 30 years ago. I wonder what he'd say today?




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Krampus punishes a naughty girl
Krampus with the basket full of naughty children
Krampus chases Santa Claus
Santa struggles with Krampus

There is an anti-Santa Claus who accompanies this "real" during Christmas travels. His name is Krampus, and judging from his pictures, he is a bad goblin that no child would like to meet.

Christmas 1867

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1867 was very similar to today, as the practiced a lot of the same traditions. The children didn't believe in Santa, and instead had Saint Nicholas day. Saint Nicholas dates way back until about 345AD in somewhere in southern turkey, and he was quite generous.


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