Early leadership of the Nisga'a and Haudosaunee

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  • The Nisga'a had 4 clans- Killer Whale, Raven, Eagle and Wolf.
  • Iroquois chiefs were male but they inheirited their rights to hold the position of office through their mother.
  • Iroquois had three to ten clans, each with their own language.
  • Most Iroquois chose a civil chief and a war chief.
  • Nisga'a Lisms Governement governs the Iroquois.
  • As of 2011, 1,909 Nisga'a live in Nass River Valley in British Columbia.
  • Haudenosaunee are apart of the Haudensaunee Confederacy, with the confederacy running from the Genesee River, through to the Great Lakes.
  • Apart of the Haudenosaunee was the Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, and the Onondaga; and joined by the Tuscaroras in 1722.
  • The Nisga'a didn't sign any treaties with the British, in which their territory was surrendered or turned over, in return for some rights and guarantees, also, over a 100 year time period, their lands has been possessed because of the forestry and mineral resources which they had.
  • The self-government ministries gave the Nisga'a control over most aspects of their societies, whuih included language, culture, property, education, and health and social services.

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This blog provides us with

This blog provides us with series of deeply insights in sources of aboriginal tradition. I was mesmerized by vast amount of interesting information about Nisga. I have never ever read such marvelous and scientific article in my entire life. Your knowledge of indigenous tribes is immense. For instance, I have not known that Iroquois choose two chiefs. One was responsible for war another for civil. It is absolutely incredible.