Early leadership of Haudenosaunee and the contemporary Nisga'a

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The Haudenosaunee were farmers. Farming helped them make communities. They made a complex system of government based on democratic principles. The power to govern started out with one person, then went from one person to the family, then to the clan, then to the village, the nation, and then to the confederacy. The Clan Mother got to choose who was the cheif, and she could then remove that cheif if she wanted to, and replace him with someone else. The haudenosaunee, all the clan chiefs in the village made the village counsil. The counsil chose a chief who represented the village on the Confederacy Counsil. 

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it was very discripted this

it was very discripted this post reminded me of a text book, but it was kinda boring but good job (:

Good, but a little boring.

Good, but a little boring. Maybe be more discriptive so it's less undescriptive and makes more to be said & learned.