designer babies

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designer babies.

        they shouldnt be allowed thats my opinion because when your born you come with a hair color and a eye color you shouldnt be able to pick your hair color or your eye color . thats why so many people have such different hair color eye color and so on . everyone is different in their own way none should chose to have that serent eye color they want because thats not how its suppose to be . everyone should be different and have different trates because if we were all the same and all had the same hair color and the same eye color and we were all the same height and everything like that . it would just be weird . and it wouldnt be the same because alot of kids thses days some look like their mom more then there dad and some look like their dad more then their mom and thats how it is suppose to be it shouldnt be the other way around like these designer babaies these designer babies shouldnt even be a thing . no body is perfect we are perfect in our own way and thats how it should stay.

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I really like your idea on why we should not have designer babies wow good job I too believe that no one is perfect and we should stop trying to change that