Seasonal Celebrations

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Christmas:Christmas is celebrated aound the world every year on December 25th.The 25th is belived to be Jesus Christ birthday.Christmas is a celebration which involves decorating trees, opening presents and spending time with your family

Kwanzaa:Kwanzaa is a 7 day holiday.It's estimated that over 18 million african americans take part in this holiday every year.Kwanzaa is ment to be a social holiday and spend time with your family or friends (Not a reigouis hoiliday)

Mawlid Un Nabi:Mawlid Un Nabi is a muslim holiday representing the birthday of the porphet which is Muhammund,Somtimes at these festivals people will do a gun salute amd also throw partys which has people dancing and singing 

Hanukka:Hanukka is a Jewish hoilday of giving gifts for 9 days.On the Menora there are 9 candels so that means that you get 9 presents (One a day) Every day of the holiday one candle is lit,every time the candle is lit you get a present.

I found that in most of these holidays there were alot of spending time with family and friends and exchanging gifts wih one and other 

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good but maybe a little more

good but maybe a little more information. i agree most holidays are centered around gift giving and family time.

Good job

Good job, maybe put more information on who came up with Kwanzaa.