An analysis of Hats as a cultural artifact

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Values/Morals Traditions/Customs  

Peers   -Used to impress your peers

-Used to fit in

-Used as a social statement

- Used for there fashion 

-Use of hats on specialized in activities eg. Basball

Could wear a hat in the winter for warmth 


School    Wear hats for a event going on at school

-Protest against rules

-Take off hats for respect for a anthem 

-Wear hats on graduation 

-School could have a uniform that involves a hat 


Family    -If there bald they might wanna hide it 

-To keep your head warm if it's cold 

-For Fashion 

-For holidays 

-For certent religions 



Community   -Wearing hard hats around consturction sites for safty 

-To draw attenion


-To advertise themsleves/Show off 

-To show that they are part of the comunity 

-Certant Holiday's



Religion   -In some religion's it's a sin to take off your hat 

-To show that your apart of that Religion 


-Some religions wear hats as a sign of loyalty or respect 

-To advertise there religion 

-For religious holidays 



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Good job. I like what you

Good job. I like what you said about peers. Maybe revisit th family aspect, your comments there were too general.